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About Us

Trying to decide whether to buy new or used medical equipment? Looking for medical equipment and supply companies? If you are looking for a medical equipment manufacturer or supplier, let S. S. Enterprise, give you the benefit of its vast experience with medical equipment sales, repair and maintenance to help you sort through the maze of medical equipment suppliers and medical equipment companies to make the right choice for your needs.

About Medical Equipment Sales from S. S. Enterprise
Our commitment to providing high quality, cost-effective equipment and services has earned the trust and loyalty of all of our clients. Service is designed to keep medical equipment running in peak condition at a guaranteed cost savings. From general biomedical equipment, environmental waste gas testing and S. S. Enterprise compliance consulting to facility-wide, equipment management, S. S. Enterprise is committed to providing superior healthcare services and products. S. S. Enterprise fosters a climate where innovation, creativity and continuous quality improvement takes place. Each member of our organization is dedicated to excellence and continual organization and professional improvement. Our key business objectives are:

  1. To Know our customer.
  2. Provide Quality Services.
  3. To Build Solid Relationships.
  4. Provide Entrepreneurial Flexibility.
  5. Maintain Vendor Neutrality.

Medical equipment purchase decision issues
As medical technology evolves, human life and health grows ever more dependent not only on the abilities of doctors, nurses, therapists and technicians, but on the proper functioning of sophisticated medical equipment used to diagnose, prevent and cure diseases.

Hospitals and health-care facilities must balance the need for state-of-the-art technology with high-quality care and cost-effectiveness. They must determine not only what type of medical equipment to use, but which brand and model of medical equipment from which medical equipment manufacturer or medical equipment suppliers are right for their needs. Moreover, there is the issue of whether to choose new equipment, or to go with refurbished or reconditioned equipment. Whether you are looking for a medical equipment manufacturer, or medical equipment and supply companies, contact NovaMed for help.

Medical equipment companies must meet rigorous regulatory and industry standards, but there are still strengths and drawbacks to different types and makes of medical equipment. What are the service records of different types of medical equipment? Refurbished medical equipment may cost less, but is it acceptable in terms of performance risk and other factors? How do new and used products from different medical equipment companies compare? How about a specific medical equipment manufacturer? Contact S. S. Enterprise to resolve these and any medical equipment purchase issues you may be considering.

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